Go Green with home automation devices such as electric curtains

Home automation devices like electric curtains offer the LGBT community an excellent way to save both money and be environmentally friendly, in this article we explain just how they do that.

Why devices like green electric curtain tracks may save you money

I know what you’re probably thinking, how can devices that rely on using electricity really save me money on my energy bill? Well the answer is that they help stop unnecessary usage of energy in the long run and end up saving more than they cost. These days, it’s not uncommon for devices to be able to talk to each other through the internet and sense things in your home. By the use of these sensors that communicate with each other, things like lights, radiators etc can all only operate when absolutely necessary


electric curtain track

These days, a regular curtain track and curtains can set you back several hundreds of pounds, so why not look into getting an electric curtain track if you’re automating your home. These handy devices are generally considered green and environmentally friendly too, they use minimal electric, talk to other electronic gadgets in your home and only use power when you tell them to.

How a commercial dishwasher can make your business environmentally green

As you may have seen from our previous posts, this blog aims to teach the LGBT community how they can reduce their environmental impact, today we’re going to be talking about how a commercial dishwasher may just be the answer to making your kitchen environmentally friendly too.

As a business owner it can be difficult to know how to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint when you’re running a kitchen, luckily there are industrial dishwashers out there now that offer to do just that. When running a traditional catering business a large amount of the outgoing are on energy bills, this is because traditionally catering equipment manufacturers have had little regard for how much energy their machines use but this is starting to change now.


Go green with an eco-friendly dishwasher

Most of the energy is lost from kitchen equipment such as dishwashers and kettles etc by heat escaping. Manufacturers are now looking to reduce this waste energy escape by insulating their machines, the wash tanks of dishwashers are now being ‘double skin’ insulated meaning that an extra layer of metal is being added to the machines to prevent heat energy escaping.

Again one of the most important steps that business owners can take is to do their home work prior to buying a catering dishwasher or other pieces of equipment for their kitchen. Really take time to look for suppliers who prioritise their green equipment. In years past, you would have to pay a premium for the extra insulation features, fortunately though even the manufacturers are realising that it is important to supply even ordinary users with these green features and are fitting them as standard to their machines.

Dishwasher manufacturers have also looked at reducing power consumption

As well as preventing unnecessary energy loss, kitchen equipment manufacturers are making sure that their machines actually consume less energy in the first place which is useful for LGBT business owners to know. This has partly been achieved by advances in green technology but it has been aided by people like us and blog like this putting pressure on them to do so.

Why the Green LGBT community need sustainable homes

Creating environmentally friendly and sustainable homes is a goal that needs to be supported from all sectors of society regardless of sexual orientation. As we all inhabit this planet together, it is a goal that should be important for anyone. So what can people do to make sure that their homes are as green and environmentally friendly as possible?

Use green building materials like concrete fencing panels

A huge difference can be made to the environmental impact that building a new home has by choosing the right sorts of building material before building commences. A perfect example of this is using concrete fencing panels rather that using wooden panels. This may go against what you would commonly believe, however there is a much larger carbon footprint created when wood is chopped down and used instead of concrete fencing panels. Part of the reason for this is because a wooden fence panel would need to be replaced again down the line.


When choosing a concrete panel to suit your construction purpose, it is important that you select the right suppler of this building material in order to be green and environmentally friendly. This is because different manufacturers use different processes in order to create their concrete wall panels and not all employ sustainable methods, you typically want to look for a company that clearly states that they are zero landfill, meaning that they aren’t filling the earth with their waste materials

Make sure that you choose responsible suppliers

If your goal is to build a green and environmentally friendly home but your choice of building material is restricted by budget, which is often the case there are things that you can do to still choose the most environmentally building materials like the precast concrete panels mentioned earlier. It takes a little effort but if you do your homework and find suppliers who publicly state how their manufacturing processes involve materials from sustainable sources, then you are still doing better than you otherwise would have. It is small efforts like this that will make a big difference.

Mission of the National (LGBT-G)

The mission of the National LGBT Green Group (LGBT-G) is to advance Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex & Queer (LGBTIQ) equality in our society and to raise awareness and understanding of Green and progressive values among LGBT people. LGBT-G aims to build a more sustainable and equal society where everyone is valued as an individual. The diversity within the LGBT community enriches all our lives, and should be encouraged and promoted. We will defend what we believe in.

On this blog you will find all sorts of green and environmentally friendly articles that aim to educate people from whatever social background they come from.